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May 30 2012

Teacher Of The Year?

May 30, 1992

I got a pleasant surprise in my school mailbox today.

This year has been so trying for me.  How I made it through without quitting, I don’t know.

Every teacher gets to nominate one co-worker for the ‘Teacher Of The Year’ at the school. I think everyone knows that I was surely the worst teacher at my school this year. But there is something that I did do, which was probably expend the most energy trying to be a good teacher.

Because of that, I guess, I received the original of the one and only ballot I received for this award. It was written by a great math teacher named Leon Hodrick. I’ve watched him teach and he does such a great job of keeping class fun, keeping control, and having students work. He is also one of the most fun teachers I’ve met, with his constant joking and laughing in the lounge.

Anyway, here is the note. I’m sure I will keep this safe for at least the next twenty years.


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