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Jul 17 2014



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May 30 2012

Teacher Of The Year?

May 30, 1992 I got a pleasant surprise in my school mailbox today. This year has been so trying for me.  How I made it through without quitting, I don’t know. Every teacher gets to nominate one co-worker for the ‘Teacher Of The Year’ at the school. I think everyone knows that I was surely…

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Sep 18 2011

The wacky times tables

Many of my sixth graders still don’t know the times tables.  I know that there’s a theory that in today’s age with calculators, kids don’t need to know the times tables.  Instead, teachers can concentrate on much harder problems that involve critical thinking and move away from the rote process of memorizing and practicing algorithms.…

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Sep 02 2011

My First Lesson

Today I got a chance to do a lesson that gets 6th graders to think critically about the meaning of multiplication.  I really think that if you just teach math as a rote mindless activity, it accomplishes nothing.  Maybe the kids will remember it long enough to pass a test, but they really won’t have…

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Sep 01 2011


Well, today I administered a diagnostic to all my classes.  I’m teaching 6th grade math.  I wanted to make something pretty professional looking on my computer.  I’ve got a six year old Mac 512 with an Imagewriter II dot matrix printer, but it is not that easy to make math equations so I made them…

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Aug 31 2011

The First Day Of School!

A lot has happened since my last post. When I got to my schools orientation last week I learned that since my school was overcrowded (there are 3,000 middle schoolers making it the most populated middle school in Texas) I would not have my own room. The 20 newest teachers are called ‘floaters’ meaning that…

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Aug 18 2011

Got a job!

I got a job today! I’ll be teaching 6th grade at Deady Middle School in southwest Houston. The best part is that my best TFA-friend, Jon Fish, got a job teaching English at my school so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m still digesting all that I learned at the institute. One of our final…

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Aug 13 2011

My First Post

Institute ended 4 days ago and I just got to my new apartment in Houston. The last six weeks have been a whirlwind. At the institute I made a lot of friends and learned a lot about teaching. Teaching a full class is a lot different than my experience teaching small classes for The Princeton…

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